Stakeholder Communication Channel

Our company respects the rights of stakeholders, identifies the stakeholders of the company, and through appropriate communication methods and stakeholder participation, understands their reasonable expectations and needs, and responds appropriately to important corporate social responsibility issues that stakeholders are concerned about.

Stakeholders Key Concern Issues Communication Channel Information Communication Channels Operational Status
Financial Performance
Corporate Governance
Contact Window:
Shareholder Services Department (SinoPac Securities 02-23816288)
  • Annual Report
  • Investor Relations Section on the Company Website
  • Annual Shareholders' Meeting and Investor Conference
  • Regular disclosure of the company's financial reports is made through the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) website and the annual report published annually.
  • Regular shareholder meetings are held and one investor conference is organized annually to explain the company's operational performance to investors and address any concerns raised by shareholders.
Customers Customer Relationship Management
Contact Window:
Taiwan Headquarters:
Mr. Edge
China Factory
Miss Tang
  • Dedicated Corresponding Window
  • Regular Visits
  • Customer Service and Quality
  • Green Products
Suppliers Supply Chain Management
Contact Window:
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Procurement Contracts
  • On-site Audit
  • Green Products
Employees Labor Relations
Contact Window: Daisy
  • Employee Benefits Committee
  • Labor-Management Meetings
  • Establishment of Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits System
  • Provide various types of education and training courses on an irregular basis.
Government Agencies Environmental Performance
Contact Window: Daisy
  • Official Documents
  • Participation in Seminars or Workshops
  • Participate irregularly in seminars organized by regulatory authorities.
Whistleblowing Mechanism and Channel for Misconduct

Shian Yih’s corporate culture is founded on integrity and honesty, which all employees uphold. We are committed to a zero-tolerance policy for bribery, corruption, and any form of misconduct in all business operations. The company has established the “Integrity Operations Procedures and Code of Conduct,” which outlines the whistleblowing procedures and processing steps for misconduct. Should clients or suppliers detect any dishonest behavior by Sunye employees or any representatives acting on behalf of the company, or any potential breaches of regulations, please immediately notify us at the following address. Sunye will promptly document and handle the case accordingly. The whistleblowing system operates as follows:

1. Whistleblowing Channel

Both internal and external individuals can submit reports via email or a dedicated form. Internal employees can also directly contact the Audit Department to initiate an investigation.

2. Whistleblower Rewards

To encourage whistleblowing of dishonest behavior by internal and external individuals, Sunye may provide monetary rewards based on the severity of the reported misconduct.

3. Processing Procedures and Responsible Department

Reports of misconduct are handled by ShianYih’s Audit Department, which will acknowledge receipt of the report within five working days and commence an investigation. Reports involving regular employees will be reported to department heads, while those involving directors or senior executives will be reported to independent directors. The Audit Department and relevant supervisors or personnel will promptly ascertain the facts, with assistance from the Legal Department if necessary. Depending on the nature and complexity of the case, investigations are expected to be completed within three months, and the results will be provided to the whistleblower.
If it is confirmed that the reported individual has violated relevant laws or ShianYih’s integrity policies and regulations, they will be immediately instructed to cease the misconduct and may face appropriate disciplinary actions (such as suspension, pending investigation). If necessary, legal proceedings may be initiated to seek damages to protect the company’s reputation and interests.

4. Protection Mechanism

To protect whistleblowers, Shian Yih implements confidentiality measures for their identity and the contents of their reports. Unless required by law or with the whistleblower’s consent, the identity of the whistleblower will not be disclosed to any individual within or outside the company. All personnel involved in handling whistleblower reports are required to sign confidentiality agreements to protect the identity of whistleblowers or employees who refuse to participate in dishonest activities.
Shian Yih strictly prohibits any retaliatory actions and forbids managers or internal personnel from retaliating against individuals who report or participate in the investigation of dishonest behavior. Any instances of retaliation will result in disciplinary action, including dismissal for serious offenses. With the whistleblower’s consent, Shian Yih will further protect their identity, conduct regular follow-ups, and address any reasonable suspicions of retaliatory actions.

Whistleblowing Channel: Please email, or call Miss Yu at 04-23590111#8020.