Human Resources

Welfare System

The welfare system at Shian Yih Electronics is well-established, with the goal of creating a healthy environment for employees to work in peace of mind. Employees are the company’s greatest asset, and we value the rights of each employee, adhering to the principle of equal opportunities. We believe that a comprehensive welfare system can help employees increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Free provision of Chinese meals, freshly ground coffee, and tea snacks and biscuits.
Staff lounges and staff dormitories
Employee parking spaces and car spaces
Employee parking spaces and car spaces
Annual domestic and foreign employee travel, family days, and community activities
Birthday gift, start-up gift
Year-end bonus, autumn festival bonus, employee bonus
Maternity, illness, hospitalization, wedding and funeral, education and training subsidies, and professional subsidies for business air phone calls
Special leave, menstrual leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, family care leave
Set up breast collection room for pregnant women and annual employee health examination
Employee group insurance and accident insurance
Promote outstanding employees through personnel review every year
Senior employees are commended and special stores provide discounts

Retirement System and Implementation Situation

  • In the 76th year of the Republic of China, the retirement system was established in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and related regulations. The Labor Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee was established and approved by the Taichung City Government, and the retirement funds were deposited monthly into the labor retirement fund special account at Taiwan Bank Trust Department in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, regular quarterly meetings of the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee were held to institutionalize the operation of the retirement fund.
  • In July of the 94th year of the Republic of China, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Retirement Pension Act, a monthly contribution of 6% of the total salary was allocated to the individual accounts of the Labor Insurance Bureau.

Protective Measures for Working Environment and Employee Personal Safety

Access Control Security

Access control surveillance systems are installed both day and night.

Disaster Prevention Measures and Response

  • Various measures are in place, including “Emergency Response to Disasters,” “Labor Safety and Health Guidelines,” “Labor Safety and Health Management Regulations,” and “Occupational Disaster Prevention and Automatic Inspection Program.”
  • Fire authorities conduct fire prevention and disaster preparedness training twice a year.

Physical Health and Hygiene

  • Health Check-ups: The company provides free annual health check-ups for employees. Regular office environment cleaning and disinfection are conducted.
  • Insurance and Medical Assistance

Insurance and medical care

  • Compliance with legal requirements for labor insurance and health insurance.
  • Public accident insurance and group insurance are provided.
Human Rights Policy

Shian Yih Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. supports and adheres to fundamental human rights principles such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as relevant laws and regulations at all global operating locations. We have established a company human rights policy to ensure that current employees (including contract and temporary employees) are treated with fairness and dignity and expect our suppliers and contractors to do the same.

Key Human Rights Issues and Management Plans

1. Provision of a Safe and Healthy Working Environment

We continuously promote activities to prevent occupational accidents and pollution to ensure a safe working environment for employees. In addition to providing a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with legal regulations, we also engage professional physicians and nursing staff from nearby hospitals for regular safety and health, fire safety, and other relevant training. Necessary preventive measures are taken to prevent occupational accidents and reduce workplace hazards.

2. Equal Job Opportunities and Prohibition of Discrimination and Unfair Treatment

We implement the human rights policy in internal control procedures, ensuring that employees and job seekers are not subjected to unfair treatment based on factors such as race, class, language, ideology, religion, political affiliation, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, appearance, disabilities, zodiac signs, blood type, etc., in matters related to employment, compensation and benefits, training opportunities, promotion, termination, or retirement.

3. Prohibition of Child Labor

We explicitly prohibit the use of child labor from the recruitment process onwards. As of the end of September 2023, out of a total workforce of 115 employees, there were no instances of child labor.

4. Prohibition of Forced Labor

We do not compel or coerce any unwilling individuals to engage in labor. Our regulations regarding normal and extended working hours, holidays, special leaves, and various types of leaves comply with legal requirements. We provide reminders in the attendance system when employees apply for overtime, provide overtime pay or compensatory time off, and conduct monthly reviews and controls of working hours in the factory.

5. Maintenance of Physical and Mental Health and Work-Life Balance Environment

The company provides venue sponsorship funds to encourage employees to participate in health activities, such as forming badminton teams and jogging groups. Additionally, events like annual banquets, family days, and departmental gatherings are organized to boost employee morale, foster team cohesion, and promote family bonds.

6. Policy and Legal Compliance Promotion

New employees receive relevant legal compliance and job education training upon joining, covering topics such as sexual harassment prevention, anti-discrimination in the workplace, gender equality laws, work rules, and humanitarian treatment protection. Through regular promotion and announcements, employees are made aware of their responsibility to assist in ensuring a workplace free from unlawful violations, and a complaints hotline is provided to create a friendly working environment.

7. Occupational Safety Series Training

Training includes safety and health education, fire safety training, emergency response drills, and first aid training.

8. Integrity and Ethics Promotion

Regular promotion of daily behavior and ethical standards to foster a healthy and positive workplace culture.

The company continues to focus on human rights protection and implements relevant training to increase awareness of human rights protection and reduce the likelihood of related risks.

Training to promote human rights protection held in 2023:

(1)To promote workplace diversity and equality, the average proportion of female employees in 2023 was over 50%.
(2)As of September 30, 2023, neither the parent company nor any subsidiaries have employed child labor.
(3)In 2023, pre-job safety training and safety education, fire drills, and evacuation drills were conducted for a total of 110 new employees, totaling 205 hours.
(4)In 2023, an in-house training course on “Insider Trading” was held for 49 participants, totaling 49 hours.

Complaint Mechanism

The company has an open complaint channel. Employees who encounter various problems within the company can lodge complaints with supervisors or the HR department through the company’s complaint channel. To maintain gender equality at work and provide a working and service environment free from harassment for employees and job seekers, a dedicated complaint mailbox and email for sexual harassment prevention have been set up. Complaint investigations are conducted confidentially during the investigation period, without disclosing the complainant’s name or any other identifying information to ensure the protection of the complainant.

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